Holiday Image Credit: FASHION AVENUE NEWS
Holiday Image Credit: FASHION AVENUE NEWS

3 Tips To Eat Healthy At Holiday Parties

The holiday season is upon us.

Margot Rutigliano Whately

Generally, this means office parties, holiday get together with friends and family functions. These get together and parties often include food that isn’t the healthiest as well as high calorie holiday drinks and alcohol. It can be hard to stick to your healthy routine with all of the temptations and treats at your fingertips. There are easy ways to enjoy all of the festivities and visit with friends and family without getting out of control with your eating and drinking. Use these three tips to help stay on track.

Eat A Well-Balanced Snack Before You Go - This is one of the most important tips to help you stay on track at holiday parties. How many times have you waited to eat before you go to a party so you can eat all of the fun holiday food?

Usually, postponing eating only leads to eating more than you normally would. Make sure you don’t go to a get together hungry! Instead, prepare yourself a well-balanced snack before you go. This way, you won’t be starving when you get to your party and the chances of overeating are much less. It’s best to make something that contains all three macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fat. Enjoy a 100 - 200 calorie, well balanced snack before you head out. A meal replacement shake, meal replacement bar, small side salad or soup are easy ways to provide all of the macronutrients needed without eating a big meal. Eating your snack ahead of time ensures you’re getting a healthy mini meal and

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