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Cats Pets Friends Names Kitten Image Credit: Cat Talk
Cats Pets Friends Names Kitten Image Credit: Cat Talk

Fur Names

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Names. Oh, what an important choice in the life of a cat! It is how a cat will be known both in the show ring and in daily life. A name can alternate between words of delight, or new forms of cursing. Each name tells a story, and this is the story of GC AngelWaves Elizabeth HRH, DM.

It was immediately apparent that something was wrong. One of the four newborn Cornish Rex kittens had a twisted neck. But she was stunningly beautiful. What was breeder Trish Blees to do?

Trish took the tiny baby to the vet, who suggested that euthanizing the kitten might be a good choice. Refusing to give up on the small black and white girl, Trish sought out other experiences from breeders. “Don’t you dare put that cat down!” was the message that was received loud and clear. She was advised to massage the kitten’s neck, and the issue should likely resolve itself in a couple months’ time.

Sure enough, the small kitten thrived. Her mom seemed to understand that she had physical limitations, and would roll onto her back to help her to nurse. The kitten proved to be a fighter. She would scream and holler to get her share.

After two months, the neck did indeed straighten! But that wasn’t the end of this little girl’s challenges. One day, Trish noticed that her eye was swollen. Her vet sent her to an eye specialist who diagnosed the kitten with a scratched cornea, received while playing with her sibli

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