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Sidebar favourites in dispute

Q The two versions of Finder’s sidebar, listing favourites, devices, and so on, have somehow become different on my Mac running oS X El Capitan 10.11.5. Viewed in Finder, that sidebar looks correct, with a single Desktop item. However, viewed in an app’s Save dialog, the Desktop item is shown twice under Favourites. Why is this, and how can I fix it? by JANET GOLDNER

A This shouldn’t be possible, as both those sidebars are generated by the same code in OS X, and should be identical. To verify that, start an app, create a new document, then open the Save dialog, positioning it on the left of your screen. Then bring a Finder window to the front on the right, so that you can see both sidebars at once.

Next, choose Finder > Preferences and click the Sidebar tab. Uncheck the Applications item there; that item should immediately disappear from Favorites in Finder and the Save dialog.

Sometimes such preferences get stuck, and trashing the file at ~/Library/Preferences/ (the tilde means your home folder; in Finder, hold å and choose Go > Library) can allow it to be saved properly. However, the two locations’ behaviour should remain consistent and reliable even if the preferences can’t be saved properly.

If the two sidebars don’t behave identically, your Mac mos

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