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Gat Girls On Top Of The World!
Janet Layug, Angelica Teixeira and Lauralie Chapados Slayed at the Bikini Olympia
Ron Harris

If you were at the recent Bikini Olympia or just following along at home with online coverage, you saw something special take place. Of the top four finalists, three were GAT Sports athletes! Janet Layug and three-time Bikini Olympia champion Angelica Teixeira are already established icons in Pro Bikini, and 23-year-old Lauralie Chapados from Montreal is rapidly becoming one of the sport’s most popular stars. All three represented the Bikini division and GAT Sports in stunning fashion this year at the biggest competition in our industry.

Janet Layug Ð Second Place

Interview by Tony Dohertyfor NPC News Online

You had a few wins earlier in the season and were coming into the Olympia as a favorite. So second place wasn’t what you were hoping for.

It’s tough. Earlier this year, I was able to win the Arnold Classic, which had been a longtime dream of mine. It had been where I made my pro debut in 2014, and I did that show six years in a row before I won it. Of course, the Olympia is my ultimate dream. But to stand here today and be onstage with all these amazing women was such an honor. At the end of the day, we all work hard. Congratulations to the winner, Elisa. She deserved it. It’s not a win for me today, but it’s still an honor to be part of this incredible event. It’s the Olympia!

At the judging, you were in the middle most of the time. It seemed like the judges were looking closely at you for the win.

Yes, I was in the mix. I’m still always striving and pushing harder to do my best and bring a better physique for the judges. If I do that consistently, I will get the title.

For what it’s worth, you did improve, and this was the best I’ve ever seen you. You tightened up in all the right places since the Arnold.

I don’t give up. I always know there is room for improvement.

A lot of your fans are probably wondering what you look forward to eating right after a tough prep like this one.

Some people will know this, but my go-to cheat meal after every show is fried buffalo chicken wings, no doubt. Even my nickname is “chicken wings”!


Height: 5’8”

Weight: 124

Date of Birth: December 29, 1988

Measurements:​ 32D-25-35

From: Lakeland, FL

Education: Registered Nurse Degree, University of Florida

Favorite Body Part to Train: Glutes

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