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Phil Heath Image Credit: Muscular Development
Phil Heath Image Credit: Muscular Development

Phil Heath - Bodybuilder Of The Decade!

By now, you all know that all rumors of Phil Heath secretly training for the 2019 Mr. Olympia contest were inaccurate.

Ron Harris

While we all wanted the seven-time Mr. Olympia to return and reclaim the title he’d lost the year before, it simply was not meant to be. Phil has been keeping extremely busy with other projects and opportunities, and although he still isn’t certain as to exactly when and where we may see him compete next, that door is still wide open. We spoke just two weeks before the 2019 Olympia Weekend, and Phil talked about his hernia surgery, his new supplement line, and other ventures he was able to pursue in 2019 since he wasn’t training and preparing for the Mr. Olympia.

I have to lead with the question that the entire bodybuilding industry as well as millions of fans around the world desperately want to know— are you competing this year at the Mr. Olympia in a couple of weeks?

I am thankful to finally announce that I am NOT competing at this year’s 2019 Mr. Olympia contest. As many people have known me throughout my career to compete at our sport’s biggest event, I am sitting this one out as I continue to work on other projects inside and outside of bodybuilding. I haven’t stopped training, as bodybuilding is something I extremely enjoy doing, but at this point in time, I have chosen to bypass this year’s event.

You haven’t missed an Olympia since the first time you competed there in 2008. Do you think it’s going to be odd to be sitting out there in the audience watching it ins

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