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Bodybuilding Image Credit: Muscular Development
Bodybuilding Image Credit: Muscular Development

Why The Mr. Olympia Will Always Be #1

“No matter who the promoter might be or how much prize money is offered, no other show will ever top the Mr. Olympia.” – Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone & Ron Harris


All of us in the bodybuilding industry have been hearing the rumors for many months from numerous high-level sources. Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, himself an avid bodybuilder who has been personally coached by both George Farah and Hany Rambod, is supposedly getting into the event promotion business, just as Arnold did over 30 years ago. It would possibly be called The Rock Games, and it would take place in Atlanta in June of 2020. Like the Arnold Sports Festival, it would feature not only all the IFBB Pro League divisions, but also professional and amateur competitions in a wide array of other sports. Since Dwayne is unquestionably one of the most famous celebrities in the world today, he would be able to bring other huge names to his event to add to its prestige and draw. Now for the dollars-and-cents rumors. Traditionally, The Arnold Classic and Olympia have been sponsored mainly by supplement companies and equipment manufacturers. Supposedly, Johnson’s event would break through with larger-scale mainstream sponsors like Under Armour, Ford Motor Company, and Coca-Cola. This would theoretically provide the revenue for larger cash prize payouts than our sport has ever seen. Perhaps Dwayne’s clout and connections would even get pro bodybuilding back on TV, as it was for many years up until the mid-‘90s. This is all rumor and speculation, mind you, but we’ve heard whispers about seven-f

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