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Mini Cooper SE Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine
Mini Cooper SE Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine

Mini Cooper SE

Mini’s first electric car comes in at an attractive price point, finds Jonathan Musk

Jonathan Musk

Mini’s first production electric car has been a long time coming, with the original Mini E trials having taken place way back in 2008 that ultimately led to the creation of the BMW i brand and the i3. However, more than a decade on, Mini’s borrowing tech from the i3, rather than the other way around.

Its new car is pwoered by an i3 motor, dishing up 184hp and 270Nm torque to power the front wheels. Acceleration from 0-62mph takes just 7.3 seconds, onto its top speed of 93mph.

The quick little car is aided by the lack of any oversized battery pack, but this does of course come at a price and potentially the Mini’s only obvious shortcoming – a range of 163 miles from the car’s 32.6kWh battery.

That being said, Mini estimates some 1.5 million homes in the UK could benefit from an electric Mini as a second car and with off-road parking, so the customer base shouldn’t be… err… mini.

Based on the 3-Door hatch, only subtle embossed logos to the sides give the game away that this is anything other than an internal combustion powered vehicle. Likewise, inside the car there’s little to distinguish it, with the only giveaway being a brand new 5.5-inch digital instrument cluster that shows speed, charge, driving mode and any active driver assistance systems.

There are three driving modes to switch between that also offer two levels of regenerative braking. However, it’s unclear just yet whether

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