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Switzerland Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine
Switzerland Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine

Electromobility Evolution

How ABB is positioning itself at the forefront of a practical global e-mobility infrastructure.

Beth Lily

Switzerland is a perfect setting for an intensive crash-course in how ABB has – for the past 130 years – paved the way for the development and implementation of electrification of transportation, and today provide innovative technology for e-mobility in cars, buses, trams, cable cars, vessels, and planes.

On a picturesque journey on the ABB-powered Jungfrau Railway, we climb 3,454m into the snowy Swiss mountains using hydropower (and with an incredible 50% energy regeneration), in a juxtaposition of supercool tech and beautiful nature that fiercely reminds us of why sustainable transportation is such a vital topic.

In order to raise awareness of its vision of sustainable transport and the company’s role as a leading supplier of global e-mobility charging solutions, ABB became the title sponsor of the FIA Formula E Championship in 2018 and I’ve joined them in the capital Bern, to see some of the company’s pioneering technologies in action…

Charging Infrastructure ABB has sold 11,000 charging stations – more than any other manufacturer – in 73 countries around the world. 1,200 of these are fast charging stations and ABB’s top model Terra HP is capable of charging up to 350kW, the equivalent of 60 miles range in just 4 minutes. Additionally, the Terra DC charging stations are capable of functioning in temperatures from -35ºC to +55ºC and are used as part of Jaguar’s legendary “Ice A

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