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Honda E Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine
Honda E Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine

Honda E

Honda’s adorable electric car certainly looks the business, but is it more than just skin deep, asks Jonathan Musk?

Jonathan Musk

Ever since the first Honda Urban EV concept broke cover, there’s been a certain expectation that the production car might not quite live up to the concept’s clean lines and cute looks. However, with 31,000 expressions of interest across Europe, including 9,000 from the UK, and true to its word, Honda has kept the production car remarkably similar to the concept.

This was in part due to the concept having been developed while the production model was already in the works.

Pricing starts from £26,160 for the base model, while the Honda e Advance starts at £28,660 (both prices including PICG), which comes with a heated steering wheel, Parking Pilot and heated front seats over the base model’s already generous spec list that includes full-width dual screens, smart entry and start, centre camera mirror system and side camera mirrors, panoramic ‘sky’ roof, and even pop-out door handles.

The Advance model also benefits from a rise in power, from 136 to 154hp, which powers the rear wheels to offer rapid urban performance, which combined with its 50:50 weight distribution should make the little electric car an enjoyable drive.

Range is touted as around 136-miles, which might seem a bit on the low side considering the car’s 35.5kWh battery, yet Honda believes the car’s range is well within what people will actually need and that it is actually beneficial to have a smaller battery as it makes for a lighter

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