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Tesla Model Y Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine
Tesla Model Y Image Credit: AutoVolt Magazine

Tesla Model Y

Move over Model 3, Tesla’s fourth model is its most important yet, reckons Jonathan Musk.

Jonathan Musk

Building on the mass production Model 3 platform (i.e. a cheaper car that’s designed to make the company a much-needed profit), Model Y is Tesla’s new baby SUV that sits above Model 3 and below Model X.

Tesla is promising the car will be sold from $39k (probably a couple of grand more than Model 3) for the base-level ‘Standard Range’ rear-wheel-drive version, while Dual-Motor all-wheel drive, Long Range and Performance variants will be added to the mix later.

Despite being smaller than the Model X and S, Tesla has managed to squeeze in the popular seven-seat option, whereby two seats are added in a third row. Tesla claims those extra seats are for “adults and their gear”, which is intriguing in itself. Together with the split-folding second row of seats, Model Y is able to offer around 1,920 liters (a.k.a lots) of storage space. Making sure passengers don’t feel too claustrophobic, there’ll also be a full panoramic glass roof option.

Being a Tesla – a company that proudly boasts it doesn’t produce slow cars – in its quickest Performance form, Model Y will be capable of 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 150mph – just short of the Model 3’s specs.

Enabling that performance will be power provided from one or two battery specifications; Standard Range providing 230-miles and Long Range that should cover an easy 300-miles.

Charging the battery, Model Y users wil

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