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Technology Job Skill Career Image Credit: India Today
Technology Job Skill Career Image Credit: India Today

The Future Is Here! Are You Ready?

Technology is fast restructuring jobs across industries, opening up new sectors that require different skill sets. Are you ready?

Siddhant Jumde



Technology is taking away many low-skilled jobs. But it is also creating opportunities in the form of new-age roles. Research shows 65 per cent of the jobs that today’s school students will take up may not exist in the future. Due to technological changes in virtualisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, individuals need to continuously upskill to meet industry requirements. Travel and tourism, ITeS, energy, logistics, retail, financial and educational services, manufacturing and engineering will continue to witness positive hiring trends. Here are some of the emerging jobs in 2019-2020:

Data analysts Organisations are processing large amounts of data; decision-making, too, is more data-driven.

Key skills: Work on your critical thinking faculties, problem-solving, statistics, data management, analysis, programming, understanding of business, visualisation, communication, artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities.

Specialised sales managers

Sales is a complex profession. While it takes certain skills to excel, it also involves interacting with people, prospecting and researching about the company. Specialised sales managers are in high demand.

Key skills: An in-depth understanding of new-age techniques. Aspirants should also focus on communication, decision-making,

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