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Redefining Beauty Image Credit: India Today
Redefining Beauty Image Credit: India Today

Redefining Beauty

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown shares insider tips on beauty, makeup and the hottest trends for this season.

Aditi Pai

What are the current make-up trends that you endorse?

I am not someone who follows trends but what we must look out for is natural make-up, contouring and eye shadow. I don’t understand this sudden love for red eyeshadow. My training is in theatrical make-up and if we wanted to make a character look like an alcoholic or sleep-deprived, we would put some red on the eyes.

How should one choose make-up?

What I like to do is look at a woman and see the natural colours on her skin. To me, a woman looks most beautiful if her make-up enhances her natural beauty.

What are some of the disruptions in the make-up industry?

There are many. When I started out in the world of make-up several years ago in the eighties, make-up was so garish. I introduced a more natural look which eventually became the nude look. Now once again, I find that make-up is getting very artificial and flat. It is contoured and painted. I would like to go back to disrupting the industry and show women that if they are healthy inside out, they will be beautiful and glowing. Now this could mean minimal makeup or lots of make-up but what is important is that it should be the right make-up. The better your skin is, the less make-up you need. Some people need more make-up to look minimal.

What are some make-up essentials for Indians?

A great moisturiser with a sunscreen because the sun is so hot here

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