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RIDING A NEW WAVE Image Credit: India Today
RIDING A NEW WAVE Image Credit: India Today

Riding A New Wave

Fresh off Made in Heaven’s success, Sobhita Dhulipala will next be seen in the web series Bard of Blood and a string of other projects. She charts her journey from nerd to model to digital superstar

Divya Unny

Q. What about your Made in Heaven character, Tara, did you relate to the most?

A. That she’s flawed. She isn’t the perfect protagonist you see most of the time. She’s vulnerable, she gets cornered, has dilemmas, some created by her own insecurities. Isn’t that what most of us deal with in our lives?

Q. Tell us about your journey from Visakapatnam to Mumbai.

A. I had a modest upbringing in a simple South Indian household. I was a bit of a loner as a kid, constantly feeling like the outsider. In school I spent all my time in the library and, till 18, I must have seen barely 20 movies—and eight of them were Harry Potter films.

Q. Made in Heaven is brutally honest and strips down the double standards within Indian society. Is that something that attracted you to the show?

A. It talks about some very real issues of our time. How often does Indian cinema do that? It’s mostly escapist. Made in Heaven gave me a voice, and I feel if you’re given a voice, you better use it well.

Q. So, your move to Mumbai and then modelling happened purely by chance?

A. I wanted to move out of my little town and Mumbai was my first choice. When I was picked for Miss India after college, it became yet another reason for me to fit in. But modelling wasn’t very rewarding. It w

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