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LEGAL EAGLES Image Credit: India Today
LEGAL EAGLES Image Credit: India Today

Legal Eagles

NLSIU has been the pre-eminent law college in the country for a long while. A free-thinking culture and constant innovation have been key to this

Aravind Gowda

Ask aspiring law students about their dream institute, and invariably the answer would be the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) in Bengaluru. For, NLSIU, which redefined the legal education system in the country, continues to set the standard by introducing the latest trends, involving illustrious alumni and legal luminaries as faculty, and promoting a freethinking culture among students.

Spread across 23 acres, most of it natural forest and adjoining the Bangalore University, NLSIU is one of those rare government-backed educational institutes which has not only carved an identity of its own but maintained its pre-eminence even after 30 years of existence. Indeed, it has become the template for the government in setting up legal education institutes in the country.

Prof. S.N. Venkata Rao, vice-chancellor, NLSIU, attributes the top position to three different, unique aspects. “We focus on innovation, be it teaching or syllabus. We also focus on socially relevant themes, the need of the hour for a country like ours. Thirdly, we promote justice-oriented legal education,” he points out.

In addition to routine academics, the institute sets aside time in the afternoons for seminars and discussions on socially relevant topics. Recently, it set up the Marginalised Community Study Centre as part of its Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy. It has also set up a Centre for Intellectual Property Re

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