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TRICKS OF THE TRADE Image Credit: India Today
TRICKS OF THE TRADE Image Credit: India Today

Tricks Of The Trade

At SRCC, the thrust is not only on grooming global entrepreneurs but well-rounded citizens of the world

Shwweta Punj

In 2018, Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) had announced 98.5 per cent as the first cut-off for its BA (Honours) Economics course. The second cut-off was just 0.25 percentage points lower, at 98.25 per cent. SRCC received 1,331 applications for its Economics (Honours) programme and 2,665 applications for BCom (Honours). A towering institution of learning that began as ‘The Commercial School’ in preIndependence Delhi in 1920, SRCC boasts of a massive alumni network across the country and the world. From the country’s finance minister to top bureaucrats, technocrats and film personalities, the college has a glorious list of achievers.

SRCC attracts students from across the country. Principal Simrit Kaur, however, says most students in the college are not from Delhi. The college works hard to stay relevant and ahead of the pack in order to retain its position as India’s premier education centre for commerce and economics—a position it has held for decades.

SRCC’s 120-strong faculty (permanent and ad hoc) caters to 2,630 students. With great emphasis on the holistic development of students, apart from academics, the college has numerous student societies focused on various areas of interest, such as drama, debating, music, books, sports and literature. Students are also encouraged to work on creating social entrepreneurship models and solving real issues on the ground. No wonder students say a lot of the learn

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