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Stereo Subwoofers Music Image Credit: Popular Science
Stereo Subwoofers Music Image Credit: Popular Science

Temple Of Boom

An aggressively powerful car stereo can literally blow your hair back if you feed it a tune with enough thumping bass. But cranking the volume on a cheap set of Craigslist subwoofers risks eardrum- assaulting distortion. A custom setup based on these components will shake the ground under your tires while preserving the essence of the new Post Malone (or the old Public Enemy).

Stan Horaczek

1 Subwoofer

To push out bone-rattling bass, the cone on the front of the 12-inch Alpine X-W12D4 subwoofer moves as much as 2 inches back and forth, displacing enough air to blow out a candle.

2 Receiver

Audio from MP3s will never sound incredible because compression sacrifices some data to keep files small. The Kenwood DNX695S receiver supports high-res formats such as DSD.

3 Absorption

Apply some thin Dynamat Xtreme matting in key places in your ride, like under the door panels. Its aluminum-alloy skin and rubber base will reduce noises from the road and tamp down vibrations.

4 Speakers

Handmade in France, the Focal Utopia M 6.5-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters handle the mids and highs. Weighted rings around each speaker hold edges firmly in place and fight buzzing distortion.

5 Amplifier

Subwoofers need more oomph than the receiver can produce solo, so install an amp. The Rockford Fosgate Power T2500 unit can pump thousands of watts to a pair of synchronized subs.

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