It Was A Very Good Year Image Credit: Flying
It Was A Very Good Year Image Credit: Flying

It Was A Very Good Year

And A Busy One…Sweet Memories From An Old Logbook.

Martha Lunken

Somewhere among all your stuff, there’s undoubtedly a stash of old logbooks. Mine are on a bookcase in the den—except the most recent of six, which is sitting open on the dining-room table, patiently waiting to be updated. It’s been several years since that’s happened, but I keep stickers for flight reviews and jot down details for currency (times, day, night, VFR, IFR, approaches, etc.) after each flight in a little daily planner for eventual transfer into the logbook…supposedly.

Check with a knowledgeable CFI or go online for the intricacies and legalities of recording flight time; the FAA requires only that you log training and aeronautical experience to meet certificate and rating requirements plus flight reviews and proof of recent experience. Entries can be in conventional logbooks, on old McDonald’s hamburger bags or in something like my “dinosaur” day planner. For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten how to write, there are all kinds of electronic apps to digitally record time.

I doubt that many of us— especially those who started way back—have made consistently, pristinely accurate logbook entries. Mine sure as hell aren’t, and I’m both appalled and amused when I look back at some of them. One page in my first logbook from the 1960s has entries as PIC for day and night flights in an Ercoupe, a Navion, Cessna 120, Cessna 195, Aeronca 7AC, Piper Aztec, Lockheed 10A an

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