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The Blackout Club Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine
The Blackout Club Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine

The Blackout Club

Horror chills that you can experience with your pals.

​​​​​​​ Adam Bryant

The thought of playing a first person co-op horror game with a bunch of friends initially filled us with a level of excitement that would rival that of a serial killer finding their favourite mask in a clearance sale. Unfortunately in the case of The Blackout Club, though, they’d be rummaging for their receipt and a refund because it doesn’t quite fit. Stretched metaphor aside, The Blackout Club contains some unique mechanics which genuinely terrify and co-op play that’s entertaining, but together they don’t quite work.

Like most horror stories, the setup is fairly straightforward. Every night the people of Redacre, Virginia, experience blackouts, with some townsfolk waking up the morning after covered in dirt and with no recollection as to how or why. A group of teenagers who share this experience form a club and take it upon themselves to investigate. When one of their own goes missing, it falls to the members of the Blackout Club to find their friend and uncover the sinister secret that’s plaguing Redacre.

The game plays out as a series of missions in which you head out, either on your own or as part of a team of up to four players, under the cover of darkness with a series of procedurally generated objectives to complete. The majority of your time will be spent sneaking around to avoid the various dangers lurking in the night. All of the adults are seemingly under some sort of mind control and roam the homes a

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