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Bob Dylan Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine
Bob Dylan Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine

Chris Tells Us About His Pursuit Of ‘The Game'.

This month Chris tells us about his pursuit of ‘The Game’.

“The times they are a-changin’”, sang Bob Dylan. He was probably talking about something a little more socially significant than having a new Xbox console on the horizon, admittedly, but the man who was once called ‘Judas’ for plugging in an electric guitar kind of knew what it meant to look forward, rather than backward. We’re a little way off still from having a fourth generation of Xbox in our living rooms, but we’re already seeing evidence of Microsoft positioning itself, business-wise, in a very different area to where it would have been prior to any previous Xbox launch. The talk, so far, has been of streaming, subscriptions and CPU, but the promise of specific game titles is still a little hard to come by.

I’m a little old-school when it comes to this sort of thing. For me, it’s always been all about ‘The Game’. Not the ‘games’, but that one game that I’m hoping is going to totally blow my mind – and would actually make me buy an expensive new console. Of course, that means I want it to be exclusive to Xbox, and an enticing proposition for Scarlett itself. There are plenty of hyped games on the horizon for Xbox players to look forward to, Cyberpunk 2077 being a prime example of The Game I’m most excited about for next year. But for Microsoft, it’s not about any one single gaming experience any more. No, not even Halo.

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