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Indivisible Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine
Indivisible Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine

Mind Games - Bring Your Friends

You can get by with a little help in Indivisible.

After almost four years since its crowdfunding campaign, Indivisible from Lab Zero Games will finally be with us in October this year. In this beautifully hand-drawn action RPG platformer, you take on the role of Ajna, a plucky young girl from a remote village on a journey to save everyone and everything she knows.

After powerful warlords attack her town, Ajna discovers the ability to absorb people into her mind. These ‘Incarnations’ can then help our hero throughout her journey and manifest themselves during battle.

The game is a mixture of Metroidvania-style platforming, where gaining new abilities grants you access to new areas, and an RPG-style battle system. The dozens of Incarnations you meet can all be summoned in battle, but only three of them can accompany Ajna at any given time. Together, the fighters act like one whole character in regards to actions and abilities. Each of the face buttons on the controller corresponds to a particular character on-screen. Pressing ‘up’ and ‘A’, for example, will perform a move for one character, while B will be used for another Incarnation, and so on. These abilities can be combined and experimented with to create unique combos and mix-ups. It might sound simple on the surface, but there’s potential there for a deep and satisfying combat system, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game later this year.

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