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Destiny 2 Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine
Destiny 2 Image Credit: Official Xbox Magazine

Destiny 2 - Forging A New Path

Bungie details the future of Destiny 2, and how every single player will help shape its world.

Bungie’s game director Luke Smith recently delved a little deeper, via a blog post on Bungie’s website, into what we can expect from Destiny 2 going forward. The focus of the online multiplayer shooter will be on “telling an ongoing story every season that will ultimately impact the Destiny universe”, Smith says. Starting from 1 October, Guardians will be able to enjoy a whole host of new content, a lot of which will be free.

What this means for new and old Guardians is that Destiny 2 will be changing in a big way with the arrival of the next “Rise Of Iron-sized” expansion, titled Shadowkeep. Along with this new DLC content drop will come a new season and a new free-to-play version of the game, called New Light. Unlike previous seasons, which were fairly throwaway events, each new season will be linked with a narrative thread where the player base’s collective actions will have an impact on how things unfold, and will cause the world state to change. Once the season ends, content associated with it will be gone, leading onto a new set of events and activities, but the wider world changes that occur will remain. This is to create a ‘you had to be there’ mentality, which Bungie hopes will make each event more impactful and meaningful.

Also coming are ‘Seasonal Artifacts’, the first of which will be free to all players and is called ‘Eye Of A Gatelord’. These objects ar

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