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The Goan Song Image Credit: CEO India
The Goan Song Image Credit: CEO India

The Goan Song

Germans are known to be precise... diametrically opposite to the Goan laid back vibe. So what happens when these two collide?

Hari Govind Nair

The first time I ever drove a Passat was about a decade back. Volkswagen had just introduced this luxury sedan in India, I was ten years younger and my foot was definitely in a mood to attack the gas pedal. And now, ten years later, when I drove the latest Passat, a lot has changed, but its DNA of subtlety and unmistakable suaveness remains. The car definitely seems lighter, it has sharper angles and is also technologically loaded. But what it still retains is that comfortable feeling of being cocooned in a machine that can pass undetected through a maze of brands shouting for attention. Why does it stay subtle... cos it doesn’t need to shout from rooftops. The Passat is like that person who has achieved everything in life and is now in a state of absolute zen. And this is certainly a Déjà vu moment... I distinctly remember thinking on the same lines a decade back!

To be clear, this feature was supposed to be about a road trip from Mumbai to Goa, but somehow with every passing kilometre, the words in my head became more about the car and how it reacted to each bend and bridge on the road. I have driven several cars in Goa but the one constant factor has been an almost unmanageable itch to stick my head out and shout at ‘that’ guy jaywalking on the narrow curvy lanes. But somehow t

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