Sex In The City Image Credit: STARDUST US EDITION
Sex In The City Image Credit: STARDUST US EDITION

Sex In The City

She’s hot, sexy and extremely vivacious. That’s right, Iranian actress MANDANA KARIMI who showcased her acting prowess in Bhaag Johnny and made her presence felt in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss is a hot fave of the social media. Here she gives her take on love, lust and life.

What are the three most essential things you carry with you all the time?

I carry my lip balm, phone and headphones always.

What in a man turns you on?

His eyes, a good conversation with him or perhaps someone who could make me laugh.

What in a man turns you off?

A man who lies.

What’s the mantra to impress a girl according to you?

Hmm…. It depends actually! What works for me is “buy me food”. Just feed me basically!!

Have you ever been hit on by the same sex? What was your reaction?

Yeah, many times! I feel flattered.

When was the last time a guy chased you? Or you chased a guy?

Everywhere, anytime every day!!

Which is the most awful one liner you have come across till date?

Hmm there have been many but the worse would be “You love puppies? I’m up for adoption”

What kind of a body would you prefer? A voluptuous one or a bikini bod?

I don’t really have a favourite! I’ve been voluptuous and I’ve been skinny. What’s important is that you need to love yourself, it doesn’t matter what body type you have! I’ve been happy in both.

A situation you got awkward in?

When people ask about my personal life (sex life).

Have you ever dru

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