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What is Rape Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes
What is Rape Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes

What Is Rape?

A conversation with my son...

Michelle Sports X

For most of my adult life I've studied human behavior, in one form or another I've either had school books stacked so high that and deadlines to meet as respects to the papers I've had to complete for school, reviewed cases that were brought before the court in which children were removed from their homes, or perhaps more importantly raised a child. My son is now twenty years old, and as many parents usually tend to do, I think he's one of the best people on the planet. He's kind, considerate, and thoughtful. He is also a man. Could it possibly be that those attributes can fit so well on someone of the opposite gender?

Years ago, I can recall, heading to the frame shop with some of my son's creative works of art that he completed when he was still in first grade. I wanted to capture the moment in time, and save forever the wonder and glory of the child he was, but more importantly it was what was pictured on the pages that meant so it much. His first grade teacher was teaching the class about ethical behavior, and she had the children color pictures to show the meaning behind words such as friendship, kindness, etc., The artist behind the counter took my photos and gave me a sort of smirk, as if to imply some sort of judgment, and I realized I was probably not the first parent to show up with such masterpieces. As we proceeded to have a conversation, I explained that I wanted to save the artwork but it was the ethical behavior that I was

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