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Chloe Ann Lloyd Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes
Chloe Ann Lloyd Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes

Chloe Ann Lloyd

My Mother actually modeled around the world for 12-15 years before she had me.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how did you get into modelling.

I remember when I was a toddler I'd look through her portfolio and think wow she's beautiful, I want to look just like her!' When I finally become old enough to realize how the modelling kind of worked she helped every step of the way. I must give big props to my dad for standing around during rehearsels for 14 hours around a brunch of woman.  Although I'm sure he didn't mind too much! from caring calls, to doing my hair and make up for shoots, my mom's advice and support from not only mom, but my father as well pushed me to become model I am today, with that, I couldn't be anymore thankful.
2. Who inspires you? If there is a famous model that inspires you, would it be and why? So many!! A couple that I admire is Karlie Kloss & Candice Swinepoel. They're both so free spirited, natural and care so much about the world They've accomplished so much and have such a down to earth attitude. 
3. How was your experience shooting with Nick Rivers?It was my first time shooting with him! We shot some amazing work in Aruba! We laughed, had great conversation, and just had fun with it! When a photographer can make you feel comfortable and relaxed it's a great combination! You get killer shots & a successful shoot to remember! 
4. If you were to give advice to upcoming model

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