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10 Games Deemed To Be Sexy Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes
10 Games Deemed To Be Sexy Image Credit: Mancave Playbabes

10 Games Deemed To Be Sexy

Online gaming has come a long way, from simple action role formats to full on role playing, today there is just about a game for anything. As with everything in life, some game creators have tested the limits and now their games are banned from popular gaming sites such as Twitch.

David Grant

The Sakura Series

The Sakura set of games includes Sakura Angels, Sakura Santa, Sakura Fantasy and others. There's even one named Sakura Swim Club because of course there is. The games are essentially erotic novels that star naked women and lots of different types of sex. Sakura Santa does sound intriguing as I've always been a sucker for Santa sex. Too much? Also, I haven't played Sakura Swim Club, but I'm going to assume there are a Showgirls type pool scene as well as some intimate diving board play. No, I did not write these scenes. Yes, I'm available to write these scenes.

Second Life

The initial concept (or at least one we were sold on) was a game that would allow escaping the boredom of your current life, correct mistakes you've made or try something new. Apparently everyone decided they wanted to try kinky sex. Hence, all of this sex is why streaming services have removed Second Life from their catalogs. It would be interesting to know how long it takes the average player before they head straight to dropping their pants. Hopefully it's more than five minutes, for the love of humanity please let it be greater than five minutes. Sometimes sex really does ruin everything.

Battle Raper

So let's start with the name. Was there any discussion on maybe changing the name? Battle Raper is actually a fighting game created by the company Illusion. The c

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