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The Ramona And Wheezy Show Image Credit: Charlotte Magazine
The Ramona And Wheezy Show Image Credit: Charlotte Magazine

The Ramona And Wheezy Show

Ramona Holloway and her mom Wheezy on mutual caregiving.

Jen Tota Mcgivney

RAMONA HOLLOWAY IS BEST KNOWN as half of the 107.9 The Link radio duo Matt and Ramona, but she’s part of another comedic duo as well: with her mom, Louise “Wheezy” Glover.

The two women share an elegant and laughter-filled Belmont home, custom designed with two master suites that suit each’s needs and tastes. Their decision to join households began in 2004. As Glover recovered from neck surgery in Columbus, Ohio, Holloway juggled her work here with caregiving there. Now, in the same city and under the same roof, they’ve transitioned to a new stage of their mother-daughter relationship, one of mutual caregiving. It was a transition that came with a few power struggles, but also with laughter, compromise, and the musings of a passive-aggressive talking poodle named Henri.

Here, they discuss their transition to senior parent and adult child caregiver, edited for clarity and length.

CHARLOTTE MAGAZINE: How did it feel to share a home again? 

GLOVER: At first, the transition was a little bit difficult for me because I’ve always been one who rules the whole place. But I got used to it. And I have a dog; he is mine. Well, he’s really Ramona’s, but I claim him. 

HOLLOWAY: The dog helps. We fix him, so we don’t fix each other. He says passive-aggressive things sometimes, like, (in a high-pitched voice)

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