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The Queen Of Atmosphere Image Credit: Charlotte Magazine
The Queen Of Atmosphere Image Credit: Charlotte Magazine

The Queen Of Atmosphere

5Church’s owners open sophisticated Sophia’s Lounge

Emma Way

SHARING FOOD is a heated subject with my friends. Some shield their dishes and fuss if you ask for a bite. Others (me) place their plate smack in the middle of the table, passing out food like Halloween candy.

But, I’ll admit, the last thing I want to do at Sophia’s Lounge is share.

It’s a Tuesday evening after work, and I’m out with four girlfriends, all of us hungry and in need of a strong drink. I order the tequila-based Come On Sp’in ($14), made with jalapeño, strawberry syrup, cucumber, grapefruit, and steal a few sips of a friend’s cocktail, The Oasis ($14), a sweeter alternative with rum, grapes, thyme, ginger, and citrus.

Opposite of the bar, there’s an antique fireplace surrounded by paintings, mirrors, and candle sconces, of all different sizes, from floor to ceiling. It’s elegant, perhaps in honor of namesake Queen Sophia Charlotte, yet comfy. I sink into a taupe chaise couch and sip ferociously, looking out the window onto 5th Street in uptown.

The lounge doesn’t fit into any traditional mold—it’s not a restaurant, and it’s not a bar. Besides a few dining tables, Sophia’s intimate space is mostly full of sofas and high-backed chairs that encourage conversation first, food and drinks second.

Sophia’s dining menu is concise, with less than a dozen small plates, but that doesn’t

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