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Naomis Islands Adventures Image Credit: Family Traveller
Naomis Islands Adventures Image Credit: Family Traveller

Naomi's Islands Adventures

CBBC presenter NAOMI WILKINSON reveals her favourite islands, with thrilling natural encounters kids will love

Naomi Wilkinson

As presenter of CBBC’s Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some of the world’s most incredible island outposts. As well as discovering that some of the earth’s most-feared beasties aren’t as scary as you might think, these trips also opened my eyes to the perils our planet is facing.  

The Bahamas

The Bahamas was a pinch-yourself moment. The nature and landscape was incredible, although I usually have to do something scary when I’m in paradise, and in the Bahamas it was lots of snorkelling with sharks. It’s the best place to see them. I got to snorkel with great hammerhead sharks that are massive, but they simply weren’t interested in me – they’re just focusing on finding food they do want to eat. It’s a real treat to observe them and amazing to be in the water with them.

We also helped tag and carry out health checks on juvenile lemon sharks in the mangroves with local kids, to teach them about conservation. We were with shark education experts JillianMorris-Brake and husband Duncan Brake ( Jillian goes to all the local schools in the Bahamas and Florida, working hard to change the perception of sharks. We kill around 100million of them a year, and yet there are fewer than 10 deaths a year from shark attacks. Jillian has a huge shark tattoo on her back and even conducts shark weddings

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