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Virtual Office Latest Trend In The Corporate World Image Credit: Small Enterprise
Virtual Office Latest Trend In The Corporate World Image Credit: Small Enterprise

Virtual Office – Latest Trend In The Corporate World

Conceptualized in the 1960s, virtual office provides all the benefits of a physical workspace but at a much lesser cost.

This idea is especially popular among small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Until now, the idea of running a company was associated with a physical workspace with employees working in offices, receptionists attending calls, board meetings conducted in conference rooms, etc. However, with virtual offices, the whole concept of a corporate workspace, especially amidst start-ups, is changing.

So, what is a virtual office? Virtual office is a business solution that enables owners to run businesses, remotely, via the Internet, with great ease and flexibility. This platform provides businesses with all office-related solutions that include a physical address, administrative staff, digital storage, communicative services, conference rooms, etc. without the overhead of renting office premises and the need to employ administrative staff. Employees can work from wherever they wish to, irrespective of cities or countries, and make use of a physical address, receptionist services, conference rooms, web-based applications and a lot more at cost-effective prices.

Read further to understand the benefits of a virtual office and how it has helped countless startups to expand without having to take hefty loans from the bank.

Highly cost effective

Setting up a physical office can be very expensive. Purchasing desks, computers, laptops, printers, fax machines, projectors, electricity, insurance, and hiring administrative staff, all this increases the overhead costs. Virtual offices are popular for their almost zero overhead cost as it comes with all the necessary stuff needed to operate your o

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