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Cause And Effect Excerpts From Gurudev's Talks On The Bhagawad Gita
Our mind gets disturbed because we want to change the effect without attending to its cause.

Life is simple and complex at the same time. It is silence and activity at the same time. For example, a simple thing like food - you eat a banana or an apple; eating a slice of fruit and digesting it is so simple. At the same time, it is such a complex phenomenon. If you ask a doctor, he will tell you how complex the process is. When the fruit goes into the stomach, acid is secreted, then the secretions from the pancreas and liver and the enzymes contribute to the digestion. You don’t know how many enzymes! The brain gets a signal and that many enzymes are released. If you just listen to the procedure of digestion, you will be baffled. So much work! Just to digest a piece of banana, so much effort goes in. So many things happen, it is so complex. At the same time, it is the simplest thing.

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September 2019