Consciousness Image Credit: Rishimukh
Consciousness Image Credit: Rishimukh

The Ram Gita - The Crest Jewel of Vedanta

The Ram Gita - The Crest Jewel of Vedanta

Dr. Arun Madhavan

The Consciousness Equation: Consciousness (–) Concepts of the mind Brahman Consciousness (+) Concepts of the mind Thoughts

The finite aspect of the consciousness seated in our hearts forms the individual consciousness. When the fallacies of the mind are transcended, we remain established in the all-pervading Infinite Consciousness.

Reinforcing on the importance of self-knowledge, Sage Vasistha narrated to Prince Ram on how King Janaka, who was illumined in the self, peacefully executed his responsibilities in his realm unbound by attachments to the material world.

When the impulses of acquisition or rejection are transcended, when the dichotomies of existence are perceived with equanimity, when the two great entities – the Paramatma and the Jivatma merge together to become the whole, we experience bliss. The sage advised:‘Rama, established in the Atmic state, you should strive to ensure that the Supreme light shines in your heart forever, even while executing the activities of the world, just like how King Janaka did’.

A person who puts the same amount of effort in spiritual pursuit, as he does towards the world, will be relieved of all sufferings and will attain supreme bliss.

Essential attributes for the development of Spiritual disposition

Growth is possible, only through intense pursuit of the self, devoid of worldly distractions and by being regular in the practice

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