Ganesh Chaturthi Image Credit: Rishimukh
Ganesh Chaturthi Image Credit: Rishimukh

Ganesha Rahasya

The ultimate truth in this existing world is that it is nothing but a collection of molecules.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This is called as ‘Gana’ (collective form). Our own body is a ‘Gana’. It is made up of flesh, blood and bone marrow. Thus the Lord of all ‘Ganas’ is ‘GANESHA’.

Ganesha is ‘Achintya’, ‘Avyakta’ and ‘Ananta’. That is beyond thought, beyond expression and is eternal. Thus no other is as beautiful as Him and He is omnipresent.

Now the question arises, why is this one consciousness and one supreme power depicted in the form of an elephant? The elephant is endowed with peculiar qualities, like its fearless and royal walk. It proudly destroys any obstacle on its path. An elephant is also a symbol of authority, endurance, strength and courage. We are thus, able to imbibe all these qualities into our consciousness.

The long trunk of the elephant symbolizes that true enlightenment is a good balance between ‘knowledge’ and its implementation (in action). Ganesha has only one tooth that stands for ‘one consciousness’.

We are often struck by the question; ‘why does a big Ganesha sit on a small mouse?’ This is because the mouse is ‘Logic’ and the ‘Knowledge of self’ and over it sits the symbol of ‘supreme knowledge’, Ganesha. The ‘Modak’ in Ganesha’s hand is the attainment of ‘Ultimate Bli

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