Sacrifice Image Credit: Rishimukh
Sacrifice Image Credit: Rishimukh

The Strength Of Sacrifice

What do we get upset with? We don’t get upset with the birds or the clouds or with Nature. We don’t get upset with the environment!

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

So, what do we get upset with? We get upset with the people around us. Our enemies upset us and our friends upset us as well. Our mind gets stuck either in our friends or in our enemies. We either think about our friends or we think about our enemies the entire day.

People become our enemies even when we have not done any wrong to them. Many people have had this experience. We didn’t do any wrong to them; neither did we misbehave with them and yet, they became our enemies. This is very surprising! We think, ‘Oh! Why has he become my enemy? Until yesterday he was my friend.’

In the same way, we do not do any special favors for some people, yet they become our close friends. That is why I tell you, this is some astonishing and mysterious karma how some people become our enemies and some of our friends.

So, what should we do! We should place both our friends and enemies in one basket, and just become empty from within and be joyful. All these happenings (people becoming friends and enemies) run by some strange law of karma and we don’t know how and where it comes from. We just can’t say, when someone’s feelings towards us will change and whether it will be in our favor or not. That is why we should place absolute faith on our Self, on God, not on friendship or enmity.

We should not waste our time thinking about friends and enemies. This does not mean you distance yourself from your friends,

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