Food Health Energy GMO Organic Food Image Credit: Rishimukh
Food Health Energy GMO Organic Food Image Credit: Rishimukh

Know Your Food

Food is not just a four-letter word, it is a lifestyle! Food is the most integral part of our lives and will always be.

Hari Venkatesh

Your food not just defines your energy levels but also subtly affects your mind and the way you think and operate. In a fast-paced modern life, our food habits have changed drastically. The modern Agricultural methods have no doubt played an important role in higher production of crops but they have ignored the benefits of the ancient farming methods, which kept the soil fertile and the food healthy. In order to increase the yield, reduce crop cycle time, and protect the crops from the pests, new age methods such as plant breeding, synthetic fertilizers, and usage of harmful insecticides and pesticides are being implemented. Excessive use of these techniques has not just reduced the quality of our crop but also of the soil. This has deteriorated our health and left the farming lands barren causing a huge loss to our farmers!

Let’s go through a few facts about the food that we get in the market and how to choose the right kind of food for us.

What is GMO and are GMOs safe?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The Basic DNA structure of the plant is changed and is forced to inhibit certain properties for a better yield or a better look. Some studies have indicated that consuming GMOs for a long time may cause internal organ damage, slow brain growth, thickening of the digestive tract and affect the health adversely. Genetically Modified Crops also have an adverse effect on the local economy. For example - Wheat grown from gen

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