Bhakti Image Credit: Rishimukh
Bhakti Image Credit: Rishimukh


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar January 15, 1997, Trinidad, Carribean

Bhakti (Devotional Love) contains four letters: bha, ka, ta, and I (pronounced ee). Bha means fulfillment and nourishment; ka is a means of knowing; ta means redeeming, saving, salvation (tarana); I (ee) is energy, shakti.

Bhakti nourishes you. Bhakti is the right Knowledge, the means of knowing. When bhakti is there, doubts don’t come. Bhakti saves you. Bhakti gives you the most energy.

Bhakti contains the seed of all these qualities. All the emotional upheavals one goes through are because one doesn’t know Bhakti.

A river has two banks that allow water to flow in a particular direction. In a flood, water is scattered all over. When your emotions get flooded everywhere, your mind is in a mess. When all your intense feelings flow in one direction, that is most powerful; that is Bhakti.

A sign of intelligence is bhakti and surrender.

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