The Path Of Practice Image Credit: Rishimukh
The Path Of Practice Image Credit: Rishimukh

The Path Of Practice

When someone is anxious, he or she is very aware of the passage of time; of every moment.

The total focus then is on an event or a happening rather than just on time. Someone may be waiting for a train, a bus or a boat and he will be constantly wondering whether it is coming. The focus is on the concerned object rather than just on the time.

But, if there is a little shift, then when you wait for somebody or something, you will just wait for the moment, for the ‘Now’. This is ‘uniting with time’. This is Yoga. When you do this, you mind is in the moment and waiting for nothing. However, you are still waiting. This adds a different quality to the consciousness. It sharpens the intellect and softens the heart. This is called the ‘Yoga of Action’.

Kriya Yoga is the ‘Yoga of Action’. Action is part of this creation. There is activity in everything in creation - from an atom to the sun, moon and the stars. The entire creation is activity. There is nothing that is stable or immobile in this creation.

The Brahman, the infinity is filled with infinite activity. There is absolutely no silence at all. There is activity even in sleep. You may think that, when you are asleep, there is no activity. However, there is tremendous activity then. Your body grows more during sleep than during wakefulness. That is why a growing child sleeps longer. A youth sleeps more than an aged person because there is a lot of metabolic activity in a youth. The body is getting built up in a child. Every cell is multiplying and in

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