Spirituality Moksha Buddha Jesus Image Credit: Rishimukh
Spirituality Moksha Buddha Jesus Image Credit: Rishimukh

Guru Is Here To Make You Strong And Uplift You

Like a lit candle can light another candle, only one who has, can give! One who is free can free you, one who is love can kindle the love.

Mukhyatastu mahatkrupyaiva bhagavatkrupa leshad va

Most important is the Grace of the Guru and even that you can only get when you have some Divine Grace. With just a little bit, a tiny drop of Grace from God, you gain the merit of the Grace of the Master, the Guru.

Mahatsangastu durlabhagamyo amoghascha And such a company is difficult to get. Millions of people are there on this planet. Not everybody will get in touch with the one who has attained it. It is very difficult. And the Master, Sadguru does not come in all ages. He comes once in a while. Durlabha - it is difficult to get; Agamya - unfathomable is his being; Amogha - you cannot measure the depth or understand it easily.

You cannot understand the Master easily it is very difficult to understand his depth, his ways. You may walk by a Jesus, a Buddha or a Krishna and you may not notice him at all. Where can you know him in your time? Many think Krishna was what he was, only a few knew him. Others thought he was just a king, mischievous and cute, too tricky, sometimes very unreliable. Krishna was considered very unreliable. And he would just smile and everyone would forget all their problems. But later, when they would go away from him, they would remember, “I went to scold him - I forgot!” People used to go to shout at him, but when they were in front of him, they returned with a smile. He would make everyone forget. That is why he was call

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