Life Is Worth Nothing If There Is No Love Image Credit: Rishimukh
Life Is Worth Nothing If There Is No Love Image Credit: Rishimukh

Life Is Worth Nothing If There Is No Love

Your mind is the source of all creativity. You are infinite Possibility!

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We convey more through our presence than through our words. Our presence conveys a lot. Words are essential, but more than the words is our presence.

I usually quote an example – When you get off an airplane, the air hostess says, ‘Have a nice day’, but she doesn’t mean it. It is just coming from the lips. Her mind is working elsewhere. But when the same words come from someone very close to you, from your mother, grandmother, uncle or aunt, it carries some vibrations, some feeling.

As a child, we had this dimension within us – of feelings. Anything that we said or did was very authentic. It was right from the heart. The heart and mind were united. But as we grew older, somewhere, somehow, something happened. We don’t know, but there was a delink between these two and we started saying things that we didn’t really mean.

Sometimes people say, ‘Oh, thank you so much!’ Especially in America you can see this. You give someone a glass of water and they say, ‘Oh, thank you so much!’ What is there to thank someone so much for giving a glass of water? You are not dying out of thirst in a desert, where if someone gives you water you say, “Thank you so much! You saved my life!” That is not the case!

I am not saying that you shouldn’t say ‘Thank you’. I am asking you to put your attention where there is a delink between your words and feelings. That is where the lac

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