Yoga Vasistha Image Credit: Rishimukh
Yoga Vasistha Image Credit: Rishimukh

Yoga Vasistha

The Ram Gita - The Crest Jewel Of Vedanta

Dr. Arun Madhavan

The entire web of the Universe exists in the ideation of Mind. Nothing happens in the absence of ideation, without desire. Those who wish to realise the non-absence of the world, should be without desire and ideation!

We saw earlier in Sage Vasistha’s narrative of the story of Sukra - when his father Brigu was in Samadhi, Sukra with his subtle mind followed the celestial nymph and reached the heavens. Thereafter, he assumed himself to be a celestial being and sported various pleasures according to his sankalpas. When his karmic merits were exhausted, he was cast upon the earth, his godly body disappearing en route. He had to undergo numerous births thereafter.

When the mind is directed away from the Atma, it ideates the forms of the universe which manifest in a lightning flash. Interestingly, the universe itself has been created out of the ideation-sankalpa incorporating Nature, Time, Matter, Karma and Dharma. Just as a tree with the root, trunk, branches and leaves are created out of a seed, so is the Universe a manifestation of Atma. All creations, right from a tiny insect to Brahma, are illusory and perishable. A Gyani (learned one) understands the world as the greatest illusion and doesn’t get caught up wandering in the cycle of rebirths. He abandons the vicious body-ego and remains like a roasted seed which doesn’t sprout. Whereas an Agyani

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