Harmony Image Credit: Rishimukh
Harmony Image Credit: Rishimukh


When the consciousness, which grabs or holds, the object, which it holds, and the senses through which it holds are in harmony, there is samadhi.

The one who is seeing, the mind, the Self, which is seeing, is in harmony, the senses are in harmony.

The eyes are the instruments through which you hold the scene. The ears are the instruments through which you hear the sound. Your ears, the sound that is heard and its source are connected. All these become keen, crystal clear - When can this happen? This can happen when your mind is not going on its own trip of regret, anger, anticipation, sleep, the five vrittis – proof, wrong knowledge, fantasy, sleep and memory. When you look at a mountain, you just don’t look at it as it is. Something is added to it. You are not seeing things as they are, but you are seeing them through your memory, seeing through comparison. That is no samadhi.

There is an old story in India. A king heard about a beautiful sunflower garden that a person had made in a desert in Rajasthan. Everybody talked about its beauty and urged the king to take a look at it. So, he decided to go there. There, he saw just one flower. The gardener had removed all the others. The king was surprised and asked him why there was only one flower in the garden. The gardener said that had there been many flowers, the king would begin to compare. His calculating mind would start wondering which was the biggest, which had blossomed and which had not, etc. So, the gardener had removed all the other flowers to make it easier for the king. Now, the king had no choice but to look at on

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