Sankhya Yoga Image Credit: Rishimukh
Sankhya Yoga Image Credit: Rishimukh

Sankhya Yoga

Life poses many situations around you, wherein you feel that all roads are closed, and there are blockages everywhere. That is when you really cry out for help.

Wanting help, you become free and that is, in itself, a piece of good fortune. In the world you find people, who are miserable but they don’t know that they are miserable. They think, this is how life is, and they carry on their whole life being miserable themselves and making others miserable too. There are others who are miserable, and they know that they are miserable, but they don’t want to come out of it. They just want to draw attention towards themselves. In the process of getting attention, they start enjoying their own misery.

There are very few who recognize that they are miserable and also want to get out of misery. That is when their heart cries out for help.

Arjuna was in such a state. That is when he said to Krishna, “What would I gain by waging this war, killing so many people?

Even if I would get all the power, money and pleasures of the world, I would never be happy. My heart would ache. I would suffer. At this juncture in my life, only you know what is best. Please tell me? I am your disciple.”

Upon that sincere request from Arjuna, Krishna started speaking. He said; asocyan anvasocas tvam (2.11) “Wise people would not cry for what is happening and what has happened. At this juncture in life, you want to run away? You are in the midst of war, it has already begun and you say, you want to run away?” Krishna had to deal with Arjuna, both emotionally and intellectually. He had to gi

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