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Where Are The Peacemakers?

Excerpts from a discourse by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar When we ask ‘Where are the peacemakers?’, we also have to think; what is the source of disturbance in the world?

Peace is our nature and yet, we see there are misunderstandings, misuse and misrepresentation. The main cause of disturbance is stress and a lack of coordination and interaction between people. The individual peace, the peace in the society, and the collective peace in the whole world, starts from where we are!

How can we get rid of our stress? How can we be calm and see life from a bigger context? That I feel, can give the answer to the world problem of uplifting human values.

Spirit is comprised of beauty, intelligence and knowledge. And spirituality is that which deals with compassion, love, caring, and seeing life from a bigger context.

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April 2019