Bringing Integrity In Society Image Credit: Rishimukh
Bringing Integrity In Society Image Credit: Rishimukh

Bringing Integrity In Society

Excerpts from a discourse by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Integrity, whether it is business, political or social - it is really a big issue! Lack of integrity gives rise not only to corruption in society, but also to crime. Corruption sticks only with the money, but crime takes the lives of people. And today, we see this rampant everywhere. Lack of integrity, poverty, lack of commitment in people and lack of education are the four factors that contribute to corruption,

If you examine carefully, you will see that corruption always happens beyond the boundary of belongingness. Every person has a sense of belongingness and he is only corrupt beyond that sense of belongingness. So, what can we do to improve this condition? How can we bring integrity in the world? I believe that we need to nurture compassion in people and have a long-term vision. Corruption gives short term benefits and long-term misery. Integrity brings long-term benefits and short-term problems. If integrity could give short-term benefits, nobody would be corrupt in this world. So, an expanded vision about life, about values, will definitely take care of corruption and bring back the integrity in life. A sense of belongingness with the whole world, or at least with one’s country, can direct us away from corruption. Now, the three sectors, which are involved in this - the NGOs, the Public Sector and the Private Sector, all have to work together in co-operation. Often, we find NGOs simply blame the Government or the Private Sector and the Government thinks

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