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Extracts from a paper presented by Shri. Dhawan R. M and Shri. Anil Kapoor, SSRDP

Fifty years ago, the world was facing shortage of food grains and people in several third world countries were dying. At that time, need of the hour was to save the people dying of hunger. Green revolution came and saved the day. Today, the environment has occupied the prime focus due to pollution, which leads to climate change. Climate change has several adverse impacts like changes in weather, untimely rains, depleting water, draughts, flash floods, acute and early summer and chilling winter.

We produce more garbage (often nonbiodegradable) than we can handle. Garbage is then dumped into landfills, rivers and ponds. Sewage water and industrial effluents

flow in drains and merge into rivers, ponds and lakes. As a result, methane and other toxic gases are formed. These gases in turn affect air, food and water resulting deterioration of human health and the environment. It is a silent killer polluting the area, poor air quality, rise in temperature, breeding of mosquitoes and flies resulting in more cases of malaria, dengue and chikenguniya, respiratory problems etc. News reports appear every other day about the deaths of sweepers when they enter the sewage drains, due to the formation of methane and toxic gases.

Jag Pavani is bio-solution for bioremediation. It is an eco enzyme produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste. The indigenously made bio-solution was applied in diluted form in different proportions and it was observed that f

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