Life Is A Struggle When You Dont Know Harmony Image Credit: Rishimukh
Life Is A Struggle When You Dont Know Harmony Image Credit: Rishimukh

Life Is A Struggle When You Don't Know Harmony

It’s your spirit which appreciates a thorn, makes it something decorative, an Ikebana, or throws it in the bush. When your perception changes, everything changes in the world.

The universe is a brilliant expression of consciousness. Everything you see here is nothing but an expression of consciousness, in its brilliance. The purpose of every created object is to remind you that the consciousness which has created this, which is the basis of this existence is the most brilliant one.

Bharata means brilliance. Mahabharata means the great brilliance. The great brilliance has a song to it, has a rhythm to it, and that is Gita. Bhagwad Gita means ‘Divine song.’ When there is a war, you cannot sing. War simply means disharmony. Music means harmony. On a battlefield, knowledge is so far away, yet that is what is most necessary there. When there is a war, wisdom is most essential. Bringing wisdom, not in a palace, but amidst war is the brilliance of the Divinity. Bringing harmony where it is most needed is the brilliance of the Divinity. Music is harmony. See the dichotomy in this. In the battlefield, can someone sing and talk to you about the Self? When someone does it, it little short of a miracle! And one who does so is an expression of Divinity. One who did that in the battlefield, bringing out the wisdom of life, the truth of life, indicates an eternal phenomenon.

Life is a struggle when you don’t know harmony. Everything here appears to be in conflict. The four elements are in conflict with each other. Fire does not like water, water does not like fire. Air does not like fire and vice versa. All the four elements in cr

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