Narendra Modi Image Credit: SOCIETY
Narendra Modi Image Credit: SOCIETY

Narendra Modi - Lotus in the Mire

“I have always been CM, I am CM today and shall be CM forever. For me, CM means not Chief Minister but Common Man.” These were the words spoken by the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. While a lot has changed since then, he seems to continue to appeal to the ‘CM’ even today. Here’s a glimpse into the rare and no-holds-barred interview that appeared in the September 2011 issue of Society magazine

CSS Latha

Meeting Narendra Modi was like meeting multiple personalities at a time! I have always perceived Modi as a man of steel having gone through the fire. The constant picking and media barbs have not left him embittered. This could be attributed to his strong and courageous personality and being centered in spirituality.

Modi is the only CEO Chief Minister so to say, who has corporatised political administration in his well-groomed and well-kept state! As I proceeded to Modi’s residence for a chat, I was surprised that there were no hangers-on, no party flags or king size cut outs, no party men shouting slogans while awaiting a darshan of their party honcho and there was no desperate security frisking. Stepping into his home surrounded by well-manicured lawns was more like entering a ‘peace zone’ of sorts.

As I am ushered into his neatly laid out home cum office, I spot a Vivekananda’s bronze figurine of Swami Vivekananda tucked in a corner. The free-wheeling tête-à-tête that followed gave an astonishing insight into the man, the mystic and the leader rather than the controversial politician that Modi is made out to be. My initial apprehension, going by his public image of an intimidating person, was put to rest at the very outset. Modi seemed cheerful, gentle and benign. There was no attempt to overpower and manipulate my thoughts, no overtones or undercurrents. Modi exuded brilliant command over the session, clearly defi

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