Our daughters will be safe if our sons are raised rightShefali Shah Image Credit: SOCIETY
Our daughters will be safe if our sons are raised rightShefali Shah Image Credit: SOCIETY

“Our daughters will be safe if our sons are raised right.”—Shefali Shah

As the female rage across the world builds up, outing an ever growing list of predators and predatory behaviours, a netflix series, Delhi Crime, couldn’t have asked for a better cultural climate or timing. based on the horrific nirbhaya case that shook india, we turn to its protagonist shefali shah on why a series like Delhi Crime should be a required stream in the post ‘me too’ era…

Vinay agrawal

Last year, we witnessed women across the world united by the shared power of rage; unbridled, concentrated rage. They wore this once despised emotion on their sleeve and let it all out. New narratives were scripted, discourses around consent debated and discussed. For a change, predatory men were named and shamed. In this cultural milieu, shows were made and are still being made to intensify the conversation the world is witnessing at the moment. One such show is Netflix’s Delhi Crime helmed by Shefali Shah.

Born in 1972 to Sudhakar Shetty, a former RBI employee, and Shobha Shetty, a homeopathy doctor, Shefali Shah grew up in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, and fluently speaks five languages i.e., Tulu, Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati. This National Awardee made her debut with Rangeela, followed by critically acclaimed film, Satya.

In one of her short films, Juice, Shah, through her portrayal of a housewife, personified a subdued rage after navigating through casual sexism and common place misogyny. The scene where she is seen sipping a tall, chilled glass of juice at the end spelled revolt, a possible change in the order and it remains one of the powerful shots she’s given so far in her acting career. And in her Netflix latest, she takes her acting prowess to a new level as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi.

To give one a background, her character is modelled on real life Delhi cop who investigated the Nirbhaya case and hunted the rapists in 72 hours. Delhi Cr

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