Go Cheesy at Mia Cucina Image Credit: SOCIETY
Go Cheesy at Mia Cucina Image Credit: SOCIETY

Go Cheesy at Mia Cucina

Love Italian food? Without wasting too many words, we would urge you to head straight to Mia Cucina in Bandra, Mumbai, for a delectable experience…

Craving a delightful bruschetta bursting with flavours of pesto or melted parmesan oozing out of lasagna or just absolutely mouth-watering pizzas? Look no further and head to Mia Cucina! Offering a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisine using local ingredients, authentic Italian cooking methods, evolving menus and an enviable Vino list – this Italian bistro has continued to wow the lovers of Italian fare in Mumbai for over a decade. This upscale brand boasts of two outlets in Mumbai and the newest one is at the popular C’est La Vie, on Hill Road in Bandra West.

With 80 covers, the Bandra Mia Cucina appeals to you from the moment you enter this casual eatery den – an elegant balance of rustic graphics on white walls with vintage photo frames, a bar as well as pretty plants donning the walls. Add to this ambient lighting and great music and you have the perfect recipe to having a great time! Whether you decide to drop in for lunch or dinner, this happy spaceis always buzzing from noon till midnight with enthusiastic diners and cheerful staff who are always armed with a smile. The food menu is a delight.

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