Simplicity is the Key Image Credit: SOCIETY
Simplicity is the Key Image Credit: SOCIETY

Simplicity is the Key

Indo-Brit actress Geeta Basra, who is married to cricketer Harbhajan Singh, reveals her style secrets to us

What would you say is your style mantra?

Being simple never goes out of fashion. Never go by what is in trend, go by whatever you feel comfortable in and what suits your body structure.

How would you dress up for a formal party?

Obviously, dressing to your best, but that doesn’t mean flashy and blingy.

What would you wear to a date night?

Since I believe comfort is key, I would wear something which will make me feel good, confident and something I know he (Harbhajan Singh) would like including your best fragrance.

Your ideal gym wear would be?

Leggings and T-shirt, something I can move and be flexible in.

How do you play with colours in your style?

I love colours. Colours compliment dusky skin tone. My wardrobe is full of different colours.

What is the most attractive men’s clothing, according to you?

A three-piece suit.

Are there any specific Indian traditional clothes that you like to wear?

Lehenga and of course a sari.

Are you brand conscious?

Not at all.

Where do you like to shop from?

I love high street fashion in London.

Who’s your style icon?

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and I also like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

A designer you would choose for y

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